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Welcome to my YAOI (Homosexual eroticia) and fanfiction journal. Here, I post mainly Gorillaz Slash Fiction

What is Slash Fiction?

Slash fiction is a pairing of two characters from an anime or game ranging from but not limited to an innosent to mature audience theme and setting. As this is so, I ask that if you're under 18, offended by yaoi/homosexual erotica you DO NOT READ THIS.

I do not own Gorillaz, (Though I wish I did, hehe!) nor any other copyrighted character I may portray in here. This is all strictly fan based. None of this is cannon in the Gorillaz universe. None of it. Not a thing.
Work ethic||||||||||||||||||||90%
Conflict seeking||||||||||||||||||||90%
Need to dominate||||||||||||||||63%
Change averse||||||||||||43%
Peter pan complex||||||||||||||56%
Family drive||||||||||||||||63%
Physical Activity||10%

Stability results were low which suggests you are very worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.

Orderliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately organized, hard working, and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient, and fun.

Extraversion results were low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.

trait snapshot:
introverted, irritable, feels invisible, observer, depressed, does not enjoy leadership, reveals little about self, dislikes large parties, feels undesirable, does not like to stand out, submissive, suspicious, emotionally sensitive, not a thrill seeker, solitude loving, likes silence, fragile, second guesses self, negative, unadventurous, fearful, weird, focuses on people's hidden motives, paranoid, phobic, dependent, cautious, avoidant, semi intellectual
So...I'm psycho then? ^_^


Alrighty, this was part of my trade over at [info]gorillazslash, requested by [info]denkinousagi

It's behind the LJ cut.

Title: Redemption
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Murdoc/2D
Length: Oneshot
Summery: After one of the hardest parties Murdoc had ever attended, Murdoc awakes to find a slinder figure in an unfamiliar room, lying beside him in bed.
Warnings: Rape-ish?

Blood Lust

Warning: THIS HAS BLOOD IN IT. YES, BLEEDY BLOODY BLOOD. Do not read this if you don't like the idea of crimson as lube. Thanks. Blood LustCollapse )

Accidents Happen : Chapter 7

*Chapter 7 is being told from Muds’ Perspective*


10:50 PM


“That’ll be HOW much?” I growled at the shopkeep, my eyes narrowed. The bloody bloke was overcharging’ me, I know it. ‘e jus’ gave me a stupid look and re-read the prices again.


“Lesee ‘ere…The Vodka is 5.01, the anal stuff is’sa…” He’d be checkin’ the price again. My face flushed as he looked to me with a small smile. I growled low and glared at ‘em.


“Wot are ye stairin’ at?!” I glared at ‘em again as he stifled back a laugh. That was it. I lunged over the counter, grabbin’ ‘em up by his shirt as I pushed him down onto the ground. I began to pound my fists into ‘is pretty li’il face.


“I ain’t a faggot, you asswipe!” I glared, growling. Spit flew out of my mouth all over ‘is face as I sceamed at ‘em. Luckly no one else was in ‘ere with me, otherwise I know I woulda been jumped, tied, and that woulda been that. After about a solid minute of making ‘im beg me to stop, I withdrew my bloodied fists and realized I had broken ‘is nose, busted out a tooth or two – fucked ‘em up bad. ‘e looked at me and winced as I helped ‘em up.


I pulled ‘em close…so close ‘e could taste the way my breath smelled. I growled low under my breath.


“Now, how much do I owe ya?”


“Jus…take it…its on the house..” ‘e seemed to be completely out of it now, and I knew my job was done. I gathered up the contents in a brown bag and made my way out. I knew ‘e wouldn’t call the police – I was pretty much the only business the poor blokes got. Well, myself and Kong Studios in general when we didn’t feel like goin’ past the beautiful countryside of Essex.


I put the bags in the front seat next to me, and started to drive ‘ome. My eyes narrowed as I brought a hand down to my stomach, rubbin’ the blood on my shirt. I gripped the wheel tightly as I looked down. My eyes narrowed…I wasn’t gay. I knew I wasn’t…was I?


Impossible. Ladies man. Ladies.


And Stewart’s.


It was about 11:30 when I arrived back ‘ome. I quietly parked my car, throwin’ the keys in my pocket. I quietly climbed outta the car an made my way to the Winnie. I saw the light on an’ peeked in, watchin’ Stu jus layin’ there. I normally woulda jus came in, but he seemed ta be thinkin’ ‘bout somethin’ serious. I watched ‘em as he peeked over ta the picture I took of us together afta we got outta the hospital, watchin’ as he moved unda the blankets some. He seemed to be in pain – I looked about quickly, then went over to get the bags. I came back in enough time to see him scramble about an then, when I knocked, answer the door in the buff.


“Wot we’re you doin’?” I asked, a coy…at least, I attempted a coy, smile on my face. Poor bloke blushed heavily, as if I was his mum walkin’ in on him jerkin’ off ta free porn.


“Nuffin’” he replied in his dopey, yet guilty voice. I noticed he had his ointment and was makin’ a mess all over my bed. My anger flared, but I pushed it back, smirkin’ some as I told him to get on his stomach. He protested at first, but I was able to coo him into it anyway. Droppin my trousers an’ knickers, I pulled out the numbin’ agent and slid it over his cock before coatin’ my own jimmy in it. He just looked at me stupidly before watchin’ me coat my member in his ointment.


“I’m gonna make sure I get all a’ya.” I smiled, slidin my hardon against the crevice. He whimpered as I pushed in, and I paused. I knew that since I numbed him – He wouldn’t be pushed to climax before me from the friction of the sheets. I guided my hips against his bum as he then pushed back against me. I could tell he wanted to play rough, so I pushed against him, holdin’ him down. I dipped my head down, whisperin’ in his ear.


“Yer mine.”


Then, the strangest thing happened – He pushed his body up against the bed and forced me out. He glared at me as if I had just insulted his mom, then lunged at me. He knocked me for a spin, I’ll tell ya that, before forcin’ me on MY stomach. He gripped his small hands ‘round my neck before forcin’ my legs apart enough to fit his small, thin body between them. I tried to protest, but was thwaked against the back of the head by his fist.


“THAT BLOODY HURT, YOU WANKER!” I growled, trying to get up. Stu simply glared at me an’ pushed my head back down. He slid into me, not even takin’ a moment to pause so I could get used to it. I winced – he wasn’t well hung or nufin’, but I had never done this before. He growled low, an his voice came out a bit deeper then before.


“You can’t ‘ave me, Doc!” he growled, pushing his hips in stiffly. “You can’t! I’m Murdocs!” he’d continue to thrust as suddenly, he grabbed my hair. “How could ya do ‘dat to me?! I trusted ya!” he would then push in more, tears in his eyes. I looked back and saw he was almost cryin’, but when he saw I was lookin’ at him, he pushed me down sharply again an’ continued thrustin’.


“I’ma show ya what it’s like ta be a victim!” he’d continue to thrust, my eyes widened. I wasn’t enjoyin’ this at all, all I wanted to do was hold ‘em and try to comfort ‘em. He continued for what seemed like hours befer’ breathin’ heavily, his body sweatin’ an shit. He’d rake his nails inta my back, an I felt him pump himself inta me. He’d let me go, fallin’ into a heap on the floor, sobbin’ an jus carryin’ on. I snuck up ta him an tried ta put my arms ‘round him, much to his dismay. ‘e jus pulled back more an held ‘is legs. I cooed him into lettin’ me hold him an he just grabbed me an sobbed hard.


“I’m sorry Mudsie…” he whimpered. “I di’in’t mean ta…”


I simply kissed ‘em and sighed. “That doc’s soul is mine.” He would look up to me with an innocent look.


“Issit?” he would blink some as I closed my eyes.


“Yeah…an tomorrow, ya gonna go see a shrink. ‘e messed ya up pretty bad, an ima make sure ya get some help, ya ‘ere?” I picked Stu up and walked to the bed with him. I layed him down and kissed him sweetly an’ tenderly before pullin’ the blankets over him.


“G’night, faceache.” I smiled, watching him fidgit some as he’d murmur off inta a small slumber.


Accidents Happen : Chapter 6

Several weeks would have passed from that fateful night. 2D laid sprawled out on Murdoc’s Winnie bed, his eyes gazing on the ceiling. He’d watch the tiles contently, looking over to the clock. 11:40 PM. He did a bit of math in his head, (Which quite frankly wasn’t much compared to a normal person’s ability to comprehend addition and subtraction) then nodded, sitting up. Murdoc would be back any minute. The local mini mart was only 30 minutes from Kong studios, he was sure.


Murdoc was a regular there – a speck of a store on such a large map; no one would ever question him buying so much booze. He closed his eyes, reflecting on how Murdoc held him that night…and how he begged the doctor not to make it known about the little accident with adhesive. The doctor was very, very kind, and for a small sum, gave them the adhesive remover. He noted how Murdoc growled low when his bum was touched by the doctor, and when they finally came apart, how Murdoc held him.


*This is now being told from 2D’s perspective for this chapter.*


“It ‘urts so much, Mudsie…!”  I whimpered. I di’int wanna cry dat night, I really di’int, but tha pain was so horriable, almost as bad as one of meh headaches. I remember Murdoc holdin’ me an shushin’ me so the doc could tell ‘em more on wot to do when we got ‘ome.

“Now, use this ointment on the ‘fected areas.” I recalled back, pullin’ the jar out. I slathered my fingers in it as I slid it down to my achin’ hole. I slid my fingers in deep, lookin’ to a small poli’roid of Muds and Me lyin’ in da bed, naked an’ stuff. I breathed in quietly, tryin’ to take my mind offa the pain of touchin’ myself there afta the mishap. Normally, I’d just say fuck it an’ ‘ave Muds do it, but I wanted to show ‘em I could do it myself. I ‘eard the door open roughly, an Muds grunt, tha sound of bags all crinkly comin’ from ‘im.


“You in ‘ere, Stu?” he’d call to me as I’d sit up, all shakin’ an shit. I wasn’t feelin’ too keen tonight. I fink it was coz I rem’emb’rd da feelin’ of da doc feelin’ me up. I know he di’int need to touch my privates, an’ that wos somefin only for Muds, but ‘e insist’d. Muds was pissed as ‘ell when he saw the doc touchin’ me like that, but couldn’t say anythin’ other than “Shh…let ‘em do wot ‘e needsta. It’ll be ova soon, luv.”


“Stu?” he called to me again, dis time a bit worried.


“I’m in ‘ere, Mudsie.” I called back. Murdoc let off a sigh of relief as he closed the door. He’d sit da bags down on a counta, walkin’ ova to me an holdin’ me. He nuzzled his busted nose into my hair as I smiled, gigglin’ like a school girl. He looked down ta me, an da jar, pullin’ away some.


“Wot’d you do while I was gone?” he’d ask quietly, lookin’ ta me. Shit. I fergot to put it away…I looked to him innocently as he would stroke his chin – he seemed ta think more now a days before doin’ anyfing to me. Maybe it was coz he really wanted ta be careful. He then unzipped his pants, droppin’ dem to the floor. He gave ‘emself a few quick jerks before grinnin’ an tellin’ me to go all belly down.


“It’ll ‘urt again!” I cried, protestin’. I climbed on my stomach, shakin’ more now. He gave me a ‘lil look an pulled somefin from the bag. I read it – Anal Eaze : Containin’ benzocaine. I looked ta Muds and he kissed ma neck and whispered all sexy in my ear.


“Ima use some of dis to numb ya, den I’ma put yer medicine in ya. Trus’ me, D.” he said before takin’ some and puttin it on his tip an on my anal area. I winced, a bit worried. He put a gracious amount on his tip, along his shaft an a bit over my cock. I looked down, noticing it goin’ all numb as I looked ‘way, blushin some as he kissed my neck. He then took the jar of medicine out an put it over the coatin’ of lube before pushin’ in. I cried out as he paused, lettin’ the mix of meds slide ‘gainst me. I was still a bit sore, but I trusted him. He let off a soft moan before slidin’ in more. It didn’t hurt as bad dis time.


He’d continue dis as I felt somefin bump the bed, somefin’ attached ta me. It got warm – really warm. I could hear him moanin’ over my back as he kissed my neck.


“Yer bloody beautiful like dis.” He said quietly, strokin’ my tattooed arm. I blushed – the tat was one of the fings on me that was really arousin’ when stroked. Muds pushed in a bit faster, but I di’int care – I needed him more than ever. Suddenly, the image of the docta flashed in my mind. I felt so helpless…I needed to get up, but Muds pushed me down on the bed. Somefin snapped…I blacked out.

I'm stealing this idea from the Gorillaz Slash Shrine. It's called a Drabble Trade. Basically, person A requests a fic and outlines the most important details in a list kinda like this, then person B picks up the trade by posting a confirmation reply, and then posting what they would want. Example:

Person A) Hey all, I'd like to start off a drabble trade by requesting the following scenero:
2D has a fight with Murdoc and goes to Russel for relationship advice, and winds up in his arms.
Characters: 2D/Russel
Rating: I'd prefer PG then melding into NC17 in a lovey dovey way.
Special Requests: None

Person B) *Replies* Ok, I'll do this. ^_^ Expect it in (x amount) of days. Here's what I want to see:
Thats it. The band was going to part. 2D fumbled with a small box in his hands, his breath growing short...he knew he had to tell Murdoc how he really felt...before the performace. He made his way to the Winnie, just in time to see Murdoc securing all of his belongings.

"Muds...?" he'd whimper, watching the man.
"Wot, faceache?!" He'd growl between clenched teeth, his eyes narrowed as he strapped down his Bass guitars to the bed.
"I...I 'ave sumfing fer ya."
Characters: 2D/Murdoc
Rating: Hot, raunchy naughtyness! NC-17.
Special Requests: Bondage. 2D dom.

Person A) *replies* Ok, I'll do it. Expect it in (x amount) of days.

When both persons have agreed to do it, then we wait. They make a new post on the community and BAM, new fiction to read! ^_^

If this is a stoopid idea, lemme know...I fink its a good one. ^_^ Also: Keep all requests tied to this thread, pretty please? Thanks! ^_^

Accidents Happen: Chapter 3


2D’s eyes widened at the proposal.


“Doctah?” he would look to Muds as Murdoc would smile some, his filed fangs seeming to catch the glimmer from the overhead light. He’d slide a hand along 2D’s clothed chest, sending shivers down the boy. Murdoc would press his ear against the youth, eyes half open. His hand would trail farther down 2D’s front as he would smile some, watching the man whimper, biting his bottom lip.


“Murdoc…I…” he’d whimper some as he would look to Muds. Murdoc would lick his lips as he’d slide it down his front more, his eyes half open. Stu shivered more as he felt the hand cross along the tip of his member. He’d look up innocently as Murdoc would lift the shaking boy up, walking him to the bed. He’d lay him down, dipping his head against his neck as he would kiss along it slowly, his eyes looking up to the thin youth. A tongue danced and darted along his skin as D would blush heavily, gripping the bed between two grasping hands. He’d whimper as Murdoc would slide a hand under the gown, gently scratching into his chest.


“N…no…be ca’ful…” he whimpered some as Murdoc caught a nipple between two fingers, pinching it.


“Ow! Muds, dat bloody hur –“ his vocals were cut short as Murdoc dipped his head low, sliding his snake like tongue along the areola*. 2D would breathe heavily as Murdoc would slide up more, reaching for a pair of latex gloves. He’d smile evilly as 2D would look up to him with slightly fearful eyes.


“Wots ‘dat for?” his voice would tremble some as he would look around the room slowly. Murdoc would look about a tad bit more, pulling out a tube of something. He’d squeeze a bit out of it and slide it between his fingers. It was dark, so reading would be neigh impossible, so instead he sniffed it. He smiled some, getting a coy look upon his face. He’d walk to the sink, washing it off of his hands.


“Yer not ready for that…yet…” he’d smirk some as he would then slide the gloves over his hands, rubbing his chin some.


“Les’ee ‘ere…2D, take yer gown off.”


“But Mudsie-“


Murdoc’s anger would shoot up again, as apperent in his tone of voice.




Stewart would whimper some, sliding out of the gown as he sat there, completely naked save for his socks. He’d pull his knees up as Murdoc would grin some, walking over to him.


“Things are going to get int’resting…”



* the dark area of the nipple, surrounding the tip.


*To Be Continued*

Accidents Happen: Chapter 2


2D held his head slowly, looking about the room in a slight state of confusion. 


Ok... so I fink I’ve been outta it fer ‘bout 3 weeks now. 2D would look to a sobbing Murdoc, who by the looks of things, was trying to hide his tears. Muds would quickly wipe his eyes clean, looking down to the figure. The dirt that was caked on his face, however, showed the small, wetted streaks. 2D would point to his cheeks quietly, his voice coming out gently, softly.


“You ‘ave a lil somefin’ dare.” He’d trace his fingers along the marks. Murdoc by this point would have pulled away sharply, storming to the bathroom. He’d quickly wipe his face down, cleaning up a tad bit, exposing his flesh to be a lighter olive green then before. He’d grumble something under his breath, hearing the door swing open. An enthusiastic Noodle would leap onto 2’s bed, sitting in his lap.


“2D-sama! You are alright? Did it hurt?” she’d speak with a heavy Japanese accent, her normally half closed eyes now fully open, her feet on eather side of him as she looked to him. He’d sit up slowly, looking around more as Russel would walk in, his white eyes gazing at the boy.


“Good to have ya back, D.” he’d say with a smile. 2D’s eyes widened…normally he’d be seeing a brown blob for Russel, a cream colored one for Noodle…but he could see them clearly. He’d look to a mirror – He’d still have the dents in his eyes.


“How the…” he’d look to the doctor, who would have made his way in quietly. The doc would smile some, looking to him as he’d sit down, leaning forward.


“Stewart Tusspot –“


“It’s just D. 2D now.”


“Fine…2D. We know how your fame both went hand in hand with your voice, but your looks…was built around the eye fractures. We also know that the fractures cause temporary to permanent blindness if not dealt with properly. So, we have drained the blood and replaced it with something kind of like grey and black pixilated water.  It was a tricky process, one that required a steady hand…So, your eyes are purely cosmetic now.”


“Well…a thankya doc…but…wasn’t that a bit much? An why go dat far jus so I can see? I fink that’s against da law…” he’d look to the doctor, who would blush heavily.


“I’m…a big fan of your music…I thought you’d like to be able to see the world around you being you’ve been legally blind for the past fourteen years.” He’d look down some. 2D would bring a hand to his chin.


“Come ta think of it…I did notice Noodle looked a bit diff’ent, an…” he’d look to Russel. “You jus look fatter.”


“Yeah D, well, no amount o’ surgery’ll make ya look any better yerself.” He’d laugh some as he’d look, seeing Murdoc come from the bathroom. Murdoc would sit next to 2D’s bed, lighting a cigarette as he’d take a puff.


“So doc. Tell us how long he’s gotta be here.”


“You know, if you quit smoking now, you’ll save yourself several years on your life…”


“Shaddup.” He’d glare at the doctor who would look to him, his eyes narrowed.


“Well, your friend should be good to go after one more nights stay here.”


Nodding, the others would stand, Noodle doing a quick flip off of the bed, landing on one foot.


“We’ll see you again soon…Bye bye 2D-Sama!” and with that, she’d wait outside. Russel would kneel forward, hugging the man in his arms. His eyes would close as he whispered quietly.


“Good to have ya back, man.”


“I’ss good to be back.” He’d say quietly, falling limply from the hug into the bed. The doctor would rise, walking out.


“I’ll let you two have your privacy.” He’d say quietly, walking out of the room. Russel would walk away, smiling over his shoulder. Murdoc would snuff out his fag on a sheet on 2D’s bed, rubbing his chin.


“Bloody bastards left me in charge o’ you I guess…”


“Come off it, Muds. It aint that bad…I’m quiet.” He would then look to Murdoc, taken a back slightly. He had never seen the man this clearly before. The skin had been the only thing he had been able to see, and even the color wasn’t that appealing. He pictured Murdoc having a more narrow jaw, a more calm set of features…had this been the man he had been idolizing for so long? He’d look down to the sheets, feeling them rise some as he shifted slightly, looking back to Murdoc, who would be pre-occupied cleaning between his nails with a knife. A moment later, the lights in the hospital would flash off.


“AH!” 2D would leap out of his bed, landing in Murdoc’s lap like Scooby on Shaggy. He’d look around frantically, burying his face into Murdoc’s neck.


“Muds, da lights are all out! Is’ all dark!” he’d stammer like a little child, his eyes closed tightly. Murdoc would stiffen up, looking about as he would tense his arms. 2D didn’t care if he was going to get the most brutal beating of all time…he just wanted to hold onto Murdoc. Something about him made him feel…safe. 2D prepared his body for the worse as suddenly, he felt the two arms wrap around him, a soft mouth against his neck.


“Is ok, love.”  The voice would be rough, yet calm…Was this really Murdoc? “The lights’ll be back on in a jif’…”  He’d continue to hold the man, rocking him…petting his hair down, much like he did when charged with his keep on stormy nights. (You see, 2D had a morbid fear of lightning, he didn’t know why, but as a vegetable, he’d always ‘act up’, so to speak) Murdoc’s other hand rested against 2D’s hip, 2D blushing in return as he shifted some in his lap.


“What the…” Murdoc would look down, realizing a bit of hardened flesh pushing against his side.


“Sorrys, Muds…I has me a stiffy…” he would look away, expecting to be punched. “Happens when I get scared, I s’pose.” This was it. He knew he’d get beat back into a coma…or worse. Murdoc looked down to the boy, smiling some as he would lean forward, kissing him deeply. A nearby light flicked on, a red hue above Murdoc’s head. 2D would look up, only to see Murdoc’s red eye glowing with the light. The intercom would buzz out words slowly.


“Sorry about that, folks. We’re working on a few minor changes in the hospitals wiring, so the rooms that aren’t part of the ICU lost power for a bit. We’ve switched you to emergency generator for a bit. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for using Essex Central Care – Home of the most well taken care of patients.”


Murdoc would roll his eyes. “Most well taken care of my arse.” He would then look to 2D, who’s hospital gown had grown a small tent. He’d smile evilly, bringing a hand down to 2D’s chest.


“Say…I have a bit of an idea…why don’t we play ‘Doctor’?